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Paintings Conservation

All our treatments come with a detailed report and specification of the materials used. If required, we can provide UV light photography and IR reflectography.

Each treatment is tailored to the material composition of the artwork and its conservation condition and all our treatments are first discussed with the client to provide an accurate and realistic outcome estimation of the process.

Some of our services include surface cleaning, varnish removal, tear mending, relining canvases, consolidating paint loss, correcting deformations, and filling and retouching paint loss.

Our painting conservators will begin the treatment with a condition report and detailed treatment methodology and the process will be fully captured in images.

painting surface cleaning

Surface cleaning

Surface cleaning is one of the most sensitive processes during a painting treatment. Therefore, we customise the cleaning to the paint material, type of the varnish and optimum results. Before removing the varnish or surface dirt, we provide the client some photographs of the ongoing project.

Flaking and paint consolidation

We use a wide range of products, from animal glues, to synthetic, agar-agar or funori. We tailor conservation treatments based on the artworks materials and finish.

consolidation 1consolidation 2consolidation 3consolidation 4consolidation 5


We use conservation materials for retouching and inpainting, such as Gamblin Conservation Colours, Kremer pigments and Schmincke watercolours.

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