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Below are answers to some of the more commonly asked questions. If more information or clarification is needed please feel free to contact us via email or phone at +44 897050654

Why should my artwork be restored?

Conservation treatments improve the aesthetics and more importantly, the stability of the materials involved. And both are key to preserve its longevity and market value.

Organic materials, such as canvases, paper, wooden stretchers, tend to distort, expand and contract under different Relative Humidity levels and changes in temperature. But, even if the painting is well cared of, and placed in a darker room with no heating system close to the object, organic materials will inevitably experience the effects of natural aging.

To this, one must also consider accidents causing tears, flakes, scratches or even previous restorations.

Finally, our mission as conservators is not to make it look as good as new, but to revive the natural state of the artwork and to slow down the aging process, by improving its chemical and structural integrity.

Are estimates for conservation work for free?

Yes, all estimates a free. After careful consideration by the specialist and taking some photographs, we will email you the estimate stablishing the materials that will be used, methodology and time estimation.

Do we provide further research and scientific analysis?

Yes, we can conduct many technical and scientific tests including infrared and UV photography. For further and more complex examinations, we work with an external laboratory to assist in more in-depth work.

Are we ICON pathway members or accredited members?

Yes, all our conservators share the same conservation principles and values of ICON and are accredited or working towards accreditation.

Packing and shipping objects to the studio?

Once you sign the contract, you are ready to send your object to our studio! Then, we will send you a detailed email with basic guidelines for packing your object. But if you are unsure, please contact us and we will answer your questions and doubts.

What is the process?

  1. First, arrange your appointment at the studio for a FREE 15 minutes consultation. There, we can discuss your project and give you an appropriate treatment recommendation.
  2. We also offer in-depth examination and report prior to any conservation treatment which includes UV light photography and examination.
  3. Once the proposal and estimate is approved by the client, we will begin with the treatment in our studio or on-site.
  4. Finally, a full treatment report with images of the process will be provided to the client via email.